What Your Valentine’s Day Outfit Says About You

Are you overwhelmed by Valentine’s Day, which is almost here? It is on Saturday this year, which means that you can’t just go to class and avoid all of the love bugs rolling around your campus.

Luckily, there are multiple activity options. If you’re in a relationship, there are different levels of V-day drama to expect. Do you go full out glam, in hopes that he’ll drop serious dollars on you? Or seriously romantic, if you’re hoping to earn that MRS degree, with only months left in the semester?

If you’re single, do you go full out with fake lashes and the lowest shirt you can find in a desperate attempt to find a boyfriend for the night, or do you pretend VD stands for venereal disease by hiding out in sweatpants? With approximately one week left, it’s time to start planning your perfect outfit, whether it’s pink to show your love, or black to match your heart.


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