#NationalPizzaDay Recipes Way More Delicious Than Delivery or DiGiorno

Are you completely over waking up next to late night pizza that you forgot about eating? (Unfortunately, your bed has the grease to prove it was a reality.) In honor of #NationalPizzaDay, here are some variations that you’ll love. They’re way less expensive than nightly delivery, and way more delicious than daily┬áDiGiorno. You probably don’t want to create your own pizza dough because that sounds confusing, but there are tons of different recipes that are equal parts delicious and adventurous.
If you’re truly lazy, you can always heat up some Bagel Bites in the microwave. If you’re slightly more motivated, you can buy crust, and pop on your own toppings. If you want to impress a boy toy or your friends and family, you can turn to these recipes.

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