Starbucks Is Introducing Brand New Dessert Drinks

Even if you didn’t get the Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve always dreamed of, Starbucks will always be there for you. They’re rolling out a dessert drink to sweeten the dregs of winter. It’s perfect timing because the PSL is long gone, it’s no longer acceptable to suckle down peppermint hot chocolate, and it’s far too freezing for an iced anything. Starbs feels your pain, so they’re introducing a tiramisu latte and the caramel flan latte of years past.
These limited-time offers are the perfect reason to get out of bed in the morning. Both drinks are said to be dessert-like and delicious, so start salivating. The tiramisu latte was tested last year (I would give anything to be a professional Starbucks taste tester) and people loved it. The caramel flan latte is making its triumphant return just in time for cold season.
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