Who Exactly Is Amber Rose?

Amber Rose has been everywhere lately because of her feud with multiple Kardashian sisters (but mostly Khloe). If her name has you scratching your head and wondering if she’s actually Amber Heard/a secret Kardashian sister you never knew about/or someone else entirely, you’re not alone.
Amber Rose is in seriously hot water after an interview she gave where she talked about Kylie Jenner‘s relationship with Tyga. When she was specifically asked about the couple, Amber said, “She’s a baby. She needs to go to bed at 7 o’clock and relax. [Tyga] should be ashamed of himself. He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.”
Understandable, since Amber is best friends with said “beautiful woman,” Blac Chyna, who used to be besties with Kim. This is a serious web of intrigue. Blac Chyna is also the woman who everyone thinks Amanda Bynes aspires to be. Are you tired yet?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycKDLys4wE4&w=640&h=315]
When Khloe attacked Amber Rose for her past as a stripper, which Amber has been extremely open about, Amber fought back via Twitter, the ultimate comeback machine of our time.
amber rose khloe kardashian twitter feud
While Kim Kardashian would probably like to force the world to forget about her sex tape, that is what bought the Kardashian klan the fame they so desperately wanted. Of course, Kris was the mastermind behind it all, but without it Kim would still be cleaning out Paris Hilton’s closet. Unlike Kim K., Amber is open and honest about her sexuality, and how she’s used it to get where she is.

So, where (and who) exactly is Amber Rose? Here’s her timeline as a human being.

amber rose music video
You might remember first seeing Amber when she was dating Kanye 100 years ago. That’s back when he was actually talented, and not just trying his hand at a fashion line that looks like a mix of Uggs and ugliness. They were basically the same person, because they were both attractive and bald. Also, they were usually drunk at major events, like the VMAs where he stormed the stage for Taylor Swift, who’s his new best friend now. (Celebrities, they’re just like us!)
amber rose kanye west
Kanye spotted Amber when she starred in a Luda video. Then, Kanye and Amber made a bizarre music video together, which was never released, but leaked (much like Kim Kardashian’s sex tape).
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOoneCc8kuk&w=640&h=315]
After she and Kanye broke up (in the past, she’s said it’s because Kim was sending him nekkid photos, which is highly believable), she moved on to Wiz Khalifa of “Black and Yellow” fame. The two were famous for being all over Twitter when it came time for #RelationshipGoals, and having an absolutely adorable baby, who Amber constantly ‘grams.
amber rose son
Now, Wiz is fighting for custody and saying she’s not a great mother (although Instagram says otherwise).
amber rose son
Despite all of the controversy, girlfriend seems to have her life together. She’s incredibly open about what she’s done to get where she is, and she completely owns her sexuality. Unlike the Kardashian sisters, who have limited personality, she seems like she’d be beyond fun to hang out with. So, before you start to despise Amber because she’s fighting with the only Kardashian sister with a glimmer behind her usually dead eyes, know that her ‘gram game, honesty, and personality make her far more interesting than the K klan.

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