8 Academy Awards Nominee-Themed Cocktail Recipes

The Oscars are everything. I love seeing celebrities look really uncomfortable and shocked when they win (hello, you were nominated so you knew it was a possibility; also, that Harry Potter scroll of a thank-you note in your pocket seems like you were prett prepared). But mostly, I love that I can watch everyone in their Sunday best while wearing leggings and no bra surrounded by snacks — and of course, some cocktails.

Anyone can sit on the couch with some booze and watch an award show, but what’s special about that? So, to make it an occasion (not enough of one to warrant putting on real pants on though, don’t worry) make your viewing party more fun and festive with this drinking game (nominee-themed cocktail recipes included).

Drink if…

Take a shot if  NPH starts the night out with a Broadway dance number.
Take a sip if anyone does anything as awkward and confusing with a limb as Angie did with her leg in 2012.
If an Adele Dazeem situation happens, just keep passing the bottle until it’s gone.
If NPH mentions How I Met Your Mother or his role in Gone Girl (Oscar nom BTW) take a good ol’ swig.
Any Fifty Shades jokes, take 50 sips.
If anyone falls, take a shot in honor of his/her pride. Just pray it’s not JLaw again, bless her heart.
If the cast of Boyhood looks as awk as they did on stage at the Golden Globes, take a drink.
For every 3 thanks you Gods, take a shot.
When there is a scuffle over who gets to talk, take a drink.
Wardrobe malfunction: dress ripping, bra showing, nip slip, fly down, pop the bubbly.

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The Best of BadGalRiRi's Instagram Game
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