Zendaya Fires Back Over 'Ignorant' Dreadlock Comments

Zendaya, who looks like a Disney princess and is best-known for being a star on the channel, debuted a new look at the Academy Awards.
When Giuliana Rancic commented on her dreadlocks, saying she feels like Zendaya “smells like patchouli,” Kelly Osbourne, who is less qualified than ever to give fashion advice, chimed in with, “or weed.”
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Zendaya responded with a tweet/Instagram double whammy, throwing some serious shade at Ms. Rancic. It’s kind of awesome that an 18-year-old former Disney star has the confidence to come back with such a mature response.
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Giuliana apologized, but it’s definitely too little, too late. While it’s understandable that Giuliana had no racist intentions behind the comments, which she probably made in passing, it’s a total non-apology. Just because she didn’t mean it as racist doesn’t meant it didn’t come off that way.
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Now, even Kelly Osbourne is getting in on the drama with this ridiculous (and misspelled) tweet:
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I’ll just leave this here.
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[Image via Instagram]

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