Work Out Your Daddy Issues With The 'Fifty Shades' Workout Class

Are you looking to meet the Christian Grey of your deepest, darkest fantasies? Now you can — at the group exercise class that’s based on Fifty Shades of Grey
If you’ve been struggling to find the right work out for you, it can be tough. Soul Cycle requires all the money in the world and you feel like you’re sober in a nightclub, Pure Barre will leave you sore for days and maybe even years, and Zumba is a blast, but it’s also for old ladies. The perfect combination of hip and kind of crazy is obviously a BDSM based class. You can tell people you’ve been getting Fifty Shades experience, and they don’t have to know that you mean in an exercise kind of way.

Unfortunately, you have to live in Los Angeles, because that’s where “trainer” (she’s not licensedSnow Mercy is offering the class. It might be worth moving, because you’ll burn 300 to 500 calories in just an hour. If you enrolls, you’ll experience collars, floggers, and whips,  all while doing sit-ups and push-ups. I hate working out enough to begin with, I don’t need someone literally whipping me into shape. A better idea might be hiring the actual Jamie Dornan. You could have ladies start running to try to get closer to him.

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