Excuse Me?! Shonda Rhimes Disses Lady Gaga's Oscars Performance

Everyone was floored by Lady Gaga‘s incredible performance honoring 50 years of The Sound of Music at the 87th Oscars…well, almost everyone.
Shonda Rhimes, creator of all your favorite shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal,and How to Get Away With Murder, might have the Midas touch when it comes to television, but she obviously has no clue when it comes to music.
As a refresher, here is Gaga’s performance. You can watch it for the 3849th time, it’s totally acceptable.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqGGYJxVRFI&w=640&h=360]
And here’s what Shonda had to say.

As someone who hails Julie Andrews as a goddess and wants to be Idina Menzel when I grow up, I have no idea what sort of crazy pills Shonda is taking. I was ready to rip her apart, but Gaga looked fabulous and sounded like an angel. Even Julie Andrews praised her!
Thanks for your opinion, Shonda, but your opinion is wrong this time.


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