Woman Gives $1.4 Million To Stranger Danger Online BF

If you thought your love life was down in the dumps, know that it could always be worse. You could be this clueless lady, who has a boyfriend in Africa who she’s never met. (In other words, the backstory of everyone who calls your grandparents and tries to convince them to give away their hard earned cash.)
She fully believes him and thinks they’re young and in love because she’s never seen an episode of Catfish, so she gave him $1.4 million, because why not? She sends him bail money to South Africa and Nigeria, and he tells her that he’ll pay back every dime. In case that doesn’t sound sketchy enough, she says his accent has changed drastically since they started speaking.
So, does this totally turn you off from online dating? It shouldn’t. You could find a sugar daddy of your own and catfish him, and then you would be a millionaire without ever going on the TV show.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBwD_xLj_x8&w=640&h=315]

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