According To Science You Look Hot When You're Drinking

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after a drink and thought you looked amazing? Well, as long as you keep it limited to a single cocktail, you’ll continue to look your best… At least according the journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism. A new study looked at how attractiveness changes when you’ve been drinking. Researchers photographed 40 students making neutral expressions when they were sober, then after a glass of wine, and then after two glasses. Other students looked at the photos, and chose the most attractive pictures (don’t worry, said students were sober). For the most part, they thought the one-drink face was the best, then sober, and then finally the hot mess you become after two whole drinks. The researchers behind the study think that it could be because wine causes pupil dilation, encourages muscle relaxation, and makes your cheek rosy. Unfortunately, this research is rough because usually you’re drinking with someone, as opposed to having someone totally sober studying you. Still, next time you’re out with your homies and contemplating one more drink, go for it. Even if the study isn’t final, know that that cocktail will at least be worth the picture.