An Underage Kennedy Threw Fit At Syracuse Club

Have you ever tried to get into a bar with your terrible, McLovin-esque fake ID, only to be denied entry? You were probably already pretty intoxicated to be fearlessly attempting an invasion, so it’s entirely possible that you started screaming.
Kyra Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s underage daughter, made a serious scene when she was visiting fellow high society pals Gaia Matisse, Andrew Warren, and Julia Moshy at Syracuse University.
She attempted to enter a New York nightclub (no, not NYC, we’re talking upstate), and when she was refused she screamed, “I am a Kennedy, Google me!” That sounds like horrible advice, because if you Google her you’ll immediately find that she’s still very much underage.

The 19-year-old was spotted going rogue at the nightclub Lava at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. It’s unclear what’s more embarrassing, screaming at a bouncer to Google you, or attempting to go out at a casino in the boonies.
Kyra was using her 26-year-old half sister’s passport. First of all, a passport is always going to seem sketchy. Secondly, Kyra made a scene when she didn’t know the birthday on her passport, and why wouldn’t she know her sister’s birthday? C’mon girlfriend. Best of all? Kyra tried to look up her sister’s birthday on Wikipedia to give the bouncer a date.
Luckily, Kyra still Instagrammed up a storm over the weekend, and there were gems. It’s approximately 0 degrees in upstate New York, but that didn’t stop her and her girlfriends from stomping around scantily clad in the slush.
[Images via Instagram]

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