The New & Improved Tinder Has Finally Arrived

Are you ready to pay for Tinder? Probably not, as it doesn’t exactly make sense to spend your hard-earned cash on seeing guys pose shirtless in the mirror, or to read their highly inspirational quotes like “work hard, play hard.”
Luckily, you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, and even if you decide to live your best life and go for it, Tinder Plus should still be pretty inexpensive.
The benefits of paying to swipe your way to love? With Tinder Plus you can reverse swipe, so if you’re distracted and accidentally turn away the man of your dreams, he can return to your phone and life. You can also use Passport, which allows you to look at dudes in different locations. If you’re planning on heading to Gulf Shores over spring break, you can take a look at the locals and start chatting up the townies to prepare for your visit.
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Tinder Plus even features unlimited liking, so if you’re super thirsty you should feel completely quenched after your Tinder experience.
So, how much do you have to pay to enjoy these bountiful benefits? If you’re an old (over 30), you have to pay more — $19.99. Youths under 30 only have to shell out $9.99, but you could use that for Spotify or Starbucks, and that sounds far superior.

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