7 Perfect (And Inexpensive) Spring Break Staycations

Not heading to a tropical beach this year? You can still make the most out of your spring break (without risking a video of you funneling in Cancun going viral). Without the stress of organizing a group, booking flights, finding a hotel, and all the other things that come with planning a major trip, you might have even more fun for way less money. Use these staycation ideas as inspiration to take full advantage of your week off.

1. Go Hotel Pooling

If the weather still feels more like Christmas than spring break in your area, you are probably missing days at the beach. Pretend it’s sunny by spending a day with friends at a hotel’s indoor pool and jacuzzi. Some will charge a day-use fee, but that’s minimal compared to staying in a room. Or you could try to sneak in…we won’t tell.

2. Daily Deals

Check out discount sites like Living Social and Groupon to see what things are happening in your area. You’ll save huge on museums, restaurants, and shows close to home.

3. Visit a Friend

Schools have different weeks off for spring break, so take a trip to visit one of your friends at their campus. In addition to catching up with your friend, you’ll get to see what life is like at another college. Your friend can show you her favorite spots and return the visit on her week off.

4. Spa Day

When was the last time you indulged in a massage or facial? A week without class is already lowering your stress level, but a day of total relaxation is totally necessary once in a while.

5. Attend Local Festivals or Parades

Many spring breaks fall near the week of St. Patrick’s Day, so there is likely to be some sort of celebration going on near your hometown. Hit the parade then hit local bars where everyone will be in the spring break spirit. Who needs Panama City Beach?

6. Volunteer

Spend your break giving back. Instead of wasting the week bumming out on your couch watching Netflix, volunteering will have you doing something productive that won’t cost you a dime. You can even add it to your resume.

7. Take a Day Trip

Maybe you can’t afford a week away, but a couple nights will still feel like a mini-vacation. Find a place a couple hours away that you’ve never been to before for a getaway with friends. Having your own adventure will prevent you from spending all day scrolling through Instagram envying photos.

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