20 Excuses To Go Out On A Weeknight

Newsflash: if college hasn’t been the time of your life so far, you’re not doing it right. It should be four years of poor decision making fueled by wine and Cheetos. You don’t exactly need an excuse to stay out until 4 AM on a Tuesday, but in case you need a little push in the wrong direction, we’ve got you covered.

1. No one ever started a good story with “This one night when I decided to stay in…”

2. Your class tomorrow doesn’t start until noon.

3. There’s a $2 beer special at the bar.

4. You just bought a new dress and need to wear it ASAP.

5. This season of The Bachelor just ended so you have nothing to watch on TV.

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6. Your boyfriend having a guys’ night.

7. There’s a chance that guy from Chem 1 will also be out taking a “study break.”

8. You haven’t seen your friends for four hours.

9. Your roommate hasn’t left your dorm in days.

10. You worked out for twenty minutes today.

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11. A “Boozeday Tuesday” tweet will make your ex jealous.

12. You miss your dog and need a drink cry.

13. It’s your friend’s cousin’s roommate’s birthday and you met her like three times.

14. You know you won’t fall asleep until close to 2 AM anyway.

15. Your eyeliner turned out really well today.

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16. Netflix will be waiting for you when you get back.

17. You think you still have like $37 in your bank account.

18. You want to drunk text your ex.

19. You need a new picture on Instagram so people know you’re fun.

20. Friday is just too far away to wait.

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