5 Ways Spring Break At Your Parents' House Is More Shameful Than Any Boozy Trip

Spring break is right around the corner – if you’re lucky enough to have a fun-filled boozy beach trip planned, enjoy, stay safe and know that I am very jealous of you.
On the other hand, if you have nothing planned aside from a wild trip to your parents’ house, look on the bright side: For one thing, you don’t have to stress about being seen in a bikini so feel free to go HAM on those cookies. For another, a trip to your childhood home offers up plenty of excuses to engage in some truly embracing behavior – ’cause hey, ain’t nobody gonna judge.
Forget sloppy keg stands and ill-advised hookups. Focus on making these five super shameful things happen during your very own crazy spring break.

1. You can stay glued to the couch for ten hours straight.

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We’ve all had our fair share of lazy days at the dorm, but being a slob gets taken to a whole new level when you’re hanging with mom and dad. Why? Because you never have to get up to get snacks. I mean, isn’t pampering/feeding you what moms do best? You can literally stay in one place all day with a steady stream of freshly baked cookies and bags of Cheetos being sent your way. Being immobile all day totally flies (until you have to pee so badly that you can’t ignore it any longer.)

2. You can stalk your high school crush.

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Picture this: You’re headed to the grocery store to run an errand for the fan when you catch a glimpse of that super hot dude from your high school. What do you? You get back in your car and follow him all around town, naturally.

3. You can sleep for 14 hours straight

…And you don’t have to worry about missing class, a fun party or pretty much anything other than an extra episode of whichever show you’re Netflixing. You’ll sleep more soundly than ever, too, thanks to the lack of loud roommates and/or dorm parties. Sure beats the sheer sleep deprivation you experience on a crazy trip, right?

4. You can go a whole week without washing your hair.

Or wearing makeup. Or any pants that don’t have an elastic waist. Or a bra.

5. You can make everyday #TBT

Break out those old So Little Time DVDs. Crack into your stash of Sweet Valley High books and spend the whole weekend devouring them. Nobody needs to know.

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