8 Simple Rules For Choosing Your Next Roommate

This school year is winding down so it’s probably time to start laying the groundwork for the next one. One thing to think about? Who you want next to you through it all. We’re talking about your roommate, of course. Finding the perfect one can mean the difference between a good year and a great year, so choose wisely – and let these eight tips be your guide.

1. Don’t live with one of your BFFS.

Living with one of your best friends may seem like a nonstop party but the truth is, it can lead to disaster. Rooming with someone is tough. There’s a good chance you’ll have tension and when this happens between two close friends, there’s even more pressure. It’s sort of like how you never want to date your best friend – ’cause if things go south, it could seriously ruin the friendship.

2. Chose someone who has it together.

Living with the perpetual party girl on your floor may seem super fun but trust: Too much of a good thing can be rough on both your studies and your sanity. If she’s out every single night, skipping class every day and never studying, it’ll create an atmosphere that makes it difficult for you to get your life in order. But at the same time….

3. Avoid rooming with a hermit.

Do not, I repeat, do not live with someone who never leaves the dorm/apartment/house. Anyone who prefers to order in every single night, rarely goes to parties and takes classes online just might make your life miserable. Why? The answer is simple: You’ll never any time to yourself at your place. I’m not saying you need to choose someone who has plans every single night, just make sure this person likes to get out every once in a while.

4.Pick someone with a sleep cycle similar to yours.

Before agreeing to live with someone, discussed your sleep habits – and be completely honest about them. If you like to sleep in until noon whenever possible, own up to it. Night owls should stick with other night owls; early  birds should fly with other early birds.

5. Ditto for someone with a similar budget.

Get a feel for her financial situation before committing – obviously you have to handle this delicately, but it’s important that you choose someone who has a budget that’s in the same ballpark as yours. If you live with someone who never needs to worry about money, you may feel pressured to pay a rent you can’t afford, go out to too many fancy dinners or chip in for furniture/decorations that are out of your price range. If you live with someone who can afford to spend much less than you can, you may always feel like you have to compromise or settle for less than what you wanted.

6. Chose someone who has different interests than you do.

If you end up taking all the same classes and joining all the same clubs, it might be too close for comfort – but the really important thing is that you don’t always go out together, which just leads to drunken fights. If you’re a hardcore club-goer and your prospective roomie loves sports bars, don’t fret – this will actually be great form your relationship. You’ll get some time apart when you go out at night. The other upside? You can take each other (once in a while) and expose each other to new stuff.

7. Pick someone who likes to cook.

Need I see more? Didn’t think so. Obviously it’s not a deal breaker if she can’t cook….but living with someone who likes to make huge portions of delicious food would be pretty awesome.

8. Choose someone who is around your size.

So you can borrow her clothes, duh! Or better yet, choose someone who has the same shoe size as you do…. [Lead image via]  

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