Roosters: The Hooters Restaurant For Ladies Has Been Announced!


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Finally, a restaurant that provides good eats and eye candy for women! Today, Hooters of America, LLC announced plans to introduce a new restaurant for ladies with an all-male wait staff. It’s called, what else, Roosters.


Hooters reports that after an extensive survey, 74 percent of participants reported they would “definitely” or “very likely” frequent a Roosters-type concept.

“Imagine the most craveable Hooters menu items—from fresh, never frozen, world-famous wings to mouth-watering burgers and fan-favorite fried pickles—all served up by the soon-to-be iconic Roosters Boys,” the press release says.

In case you haven’t caught on yet…we’re 91% sure this is an April Fools prank (or a very poorly timed announcement). We wish this wasn’t a joke, but it looks like dudes won’t be donning tiny orange shorts any time soon.

Hooters might be kidding about their Roosters concept, but plenty of people have already thought of the idea. In fact, it looks like there was a restaurant with this concept (and even its name) in Ohio. This Facebook fan page was started in 2012. It only has 100 fans, but we might just start a petition to get this to happen. You can’t just tease girls like that, Hooters!

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