10 Biggest Texting Turn Offs (That Are Practically Begging For No Response)

The sad truth is that we do a lot of flirting via text. Whether we’re crafting the perfect response on Tinder or showcasing our charm to that guy we met at the bar last night (who is saved as “Cute guy fromm bAr”), saying all the right things via iPhone is critical in the 21st century. It’s also really easy to screw up, as guys prove each and every day. Avoid these texting turn offs that drive us absolutely insane.

1. “K.”

If I receive the “K,” I’m assuming that I’m currently numero uno on your sh*t list. “K” followed by “.” practically means we’re never speaking again. And if you’re just being lazy, then that sucks too. Would it kill you to add the “O” in front?

2. Poor Grammar

Maybe it’s because I write every day and have aced every English test since 3rd grade (I’ll never forgive you, Mrs. O’Brien!), but this drives me up the wall. Even if you’re sending a quick flirty text, remember that your spelling and grammar matters.

3. “Hey”

Hi? Hello? What do you need? This isn’t AIM circa 2004 so “hey” is not a proper conversation starter. Way to kill the mood from the very beginning.

4. Taking Too Long to Respond

Who doesn’t wait a minute or two before texting back in an effort not to look desperate? That’s fine. But don’t take hours to respond while I can see you posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Overuse Of Emojis

Although girls can have entire conversations through the use of these characters, that’s only acceptable between ladies. When you’re flirting, accompanying every single message by an appropriate emoji is not only annoying – it’s concerning.

6. AIM Slang

T9 is in the past so it’s high time we retire “g2g,” “ttyl,” and whatever other abbreviations you used while asking your middle school crush to the dance. I’m not trying to relive puberty.

7. Pick-Up Lines

Text or in person, please resist your need to ask the pick-up line that your kid brother laughed at. Don’t put a girl in a position where her only choice is to text back “haha.” or just ignore you completely. Do better.

8. Double or Triple Texting

Nothing says “stage five clinger” quicker than not being patient enough to let her reply. Maybe she’s in class. Or work. Or wants nothing to do with you. Girls like the chase as much as (if not more than) dudes.

9. “We Should Hangout Sometime”

Like sometime this century or…? I know this takes a lot of balls to send, but give me a place, time, or idea of what you have in mind or else the girl, no matter how interested she is, has no clue how to respond.

10. Texts After Midnight

This either means you have no respect for my beauty sleep or you think of me as a booty call. Either way, I want nothing to do with you.

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