10 Reasons Why Texting Is The Absolute WORST Part About Dating

Texting is great for many reasons- it’s easy, it’s convenient, and you don’t have to stop watching OITNB to have a convo. But when it comes to dating, texting sucks. Words get misinterpreted and your feelings are hidden behind yellow blobs with expressions. Here’s why this fairly recent technology gives millennials more panic attacks than finals week:

1. The agony of waiting for a response, or for someone to text you in the first place.

Your crush sends you a “Hey” and then doesn’t text you back for three hours. What’s up with that? Five minutes feels like five years and an hour feels like you might as well turn your phone off and curse the texting Gods for creating such a stupid means of communication.

2. We have an infinite amount of time to choose our words wisely and craft the perfect message.

When face-to-face, you have to think on your feet and give an answer right away. Texting allows you the freedom to think carefully about what you say before hitting the “send” button. That being said, you can never un-send something. Although wouldn’t that be great if you could?

3. You never know who is truly the one reading the message.

It can get messy.

4. Those indecisive moments when you wonder how soon is too soon to text back.

A real conversation between my friend and I last week:
Her: Is he kidding me? He just texts me back now after three weeks of not talking. (Pauses). Okay, I’m going to wait 12 minutes to text him back.
Me: I think more like 9.
Her: Ooh that’s good. You’re totally right, 12 minutes is definitely too long. Then again, he waited three weeks.
Not going to lie, I kind of hated myself after that. There are WAY bigger problems to worry about. If you read his message and want to text him back, do it. Some words of advice: My sister told me that when she first started talking to her boyfriend, she never had these thoughts or felt any pressure because she felt comfortable with him. That’s how you know you’ve got yourself a good one.

5. Read receipts are the devil or your best friend.

Read: 7:48 p.m. It’s now 7:50. Why has he not responded?! There aren’t even any texting bubblesIt’s also a relief, though, if you see they haven’t read it yet.

6. Same for emojis.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes emojis truly express a feeling that you couldn’t show when you had that flip phone in 2004. Trust me, I’ve used ” -_-” this face an unhealthy amount of times in my texting career. That being said, they can also be confusing and/or pointless. Ever had a conversation of just emojis until you started to question what you’re life has come to?

7. Autocorrect is usually never correct.

There are sites dedicated specifically because of this, and they’re genius. And you thought Pinterest was distracting.


8. The ability to re-read threads. And re-read, and analyze, and re-read again.

It’s cute to go back and read sweet messages your boyfriend sent you from the night before. It’s not so cute when you’ve had a fight with him and screenshot messages to your BFF trying to interpret what he was saying.

9. It can cause jealousy.

You’re out to dinner when your guy suddenly whips out his phone and is smiling at it. Umm hello, I’m over here! For all you know, his mom could have sent him a joke, although that’s probably not the case. Even still, you can’t help yourself but to overthink and fear the worst.

10. There’s no human contact.

Our generation is getting super awkward with real-time communication because emails and text messages are what we grew up knowing. Remember that it’s okay to talk to a real human every once in a while.

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