5 Things To Never Beat Yourself Up About During College

First, let me start this post off by stating the obvious: college is hard. There are so many outside (and internal) pressures to feel as if you have to be or behave a certain way to be successful in college. Truth is: there is no one pathway to success. Everyone does not travel the same route and we all do not have the same destination. I can say from experience that it definitely took me a while to realize that my happiness and measure of success was mine and mine alone. I had to learn to not envy other people’s happiness and success – meaning that simply because Julie is super popular and has an amazing boyfriend doesn’t mean that she is perfect. Trust me, Julie has flaws and could very well be feeling the exact same way that you are.
Even if you feel like you might not be reaching your goals or that your progress is going unnoticed, believe me when I tell you that someone sees you. Someone recognizes that you’ve worked your ass off to get to where you are today. Someone realizes that you are special and have so much to offer (even if you don’t). I know what that feels like first hand.  It took a lot of disappointment, heartbreak, and trips to the counseling center for me to realize that I was doing a damn good job. Truthfully, all it took was a phone call from my mom randomly telling me how proud she was of me to lift my spirits. So if nobody has told you this today, I will. I think I can speak for all of the folks here at College Candy when I say: We are proud of you! Despite all that was happening around me, I was pushing, persevering, and making progress. The same goes for you – so here are 5 things to NEVER beat yourself up about in college, ’cause you’re doing a damn good job.

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