30 Awesome Things For A College Student To Do On A Rainy Day

Alright, Annie, we know the sun will come out tomorrow, but what are we supposed to do all day when it’s raining? When the weather interferes with your beach plans, we’ve got you covered with these fun activities that are made even better by the rain.

1. Make a slip and slide.

Rain only means faster, crazier, and more fun.

2. Have a board games night.

When’s the last time you had a chance to break out Monopoly?

3. Have a movie marathon.

That’s what rainy days are all about.

4. Learn the dance to “Single Ladies.”

Because dancing to Beyonce makes everything better.

5. Do some online shopping.

Just because you don’t feel like walking from the parking lot to the mall doesn’t mean shoes have to wait.

6. Go swimming.

You’re already wet.

7. Practice makeup contouring.


8. Cuddle in bed.

Rain is a perfect excuse to stay in bed with your guy all day.

9. Get crafty.

Make some decorations for your room, some letters for your little, or whatever Pinterest inspires you to create.

10. Head to the nearest bar.

The best possible place to camp out for a few hours.
dance all night get fucked up

11. Bake cookies.

If you can’t go outside in a bikini, you might as well eat some treats.

12. Work out.

After the cookies digest, you’ll probably feel inclined to look up a 20 minute workout on YouTube.

13. Build an indoor blanket fort.

Not just for kids.

14. Color.

You’ll be surprised how relaxing this childhood favorite can be.

15. Do your homework.

Half kidding. Rainy days are a good chance to be productive.

16. Make a YouTube video.

The product of your boredom might just make you internet famous.

17. Binge watch your favorite show on Netflix.

Suggestion: rewatch the first two seasons of Orange Is the New Black before season 3 premieres in June.

18. Host a drinking game tournament.

Practice your beer pong, flip cup, and quarters skills while you’re stuck inside.

19. Visit an animal shelter.

The fastest way to put a smile on your face is probably puppies.

20. Clean out your closet.

To make room for new purchases, of course.
clueless closet cher gif

21. Have a spa day.

Either brave the weather for a mani or massage or try some at home beauty treatments.

22. Go to an arcade or casino.

Rainy days are a lot more fun when you’re winning.

23. Head to the batting cages.

Work on that swing so you’re ready for wiffleball this summer.

24. Sneak into a hotel pool.

Mini-vacay that requires James Bond skills to pull off.

25. Take a cooking class.

Find a local kitchen that will teach you a new recipe then chow down.
jenna marbles

26. Do a BYO paint night.

You even get a fun souvenir of the painting you did (so don’t drink too much wine).

27. Go mini-golfing.

Even more fun if it’s glow in the dark.

28. Do a brewery tour.

Learn how the greatest beverage on Earth is made and do some sampling while you’re at it.

29. Check out a comedy club.

Always good for a laugh, rain or shine.

30. Karaoke.

Really, why not?
britney spears judge

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