18 Things That Mean More Than Making Your Relationship “Facebook Official”

Remember in college when the defining moment in your relationship was getting that notification saying “Ryan Gosling (or whatever your boyfriend’s name was) wants to be in a relationship with you”? Those days are over (thank you, baby Jesus). According to a BuzzFeed News poll, about 40% of twenty-somethings refuse to put their relationship status on Facebook. Some might argue that someone who doesn’t want to make things “Facebook official” is potentially up to no good, but there are things that are way more important in your relationship than a status update. Like…

1. Singing terribly in the car together.

2. Eating messy food and not judging each other.

3. Staying up late just to cuddle.

cuddle positions gif

4. Trusting each other.

5. Spending Sunday mornings in bed together.

6. Taking sneaky selfies at work to send each other.

selfie picture gif

7. Introducing him to your friends.

8. Meeting his friends.

9. Laughing at crappy movies.anchorman laughing

10. Getting your sister’s approval.

11. Spending a day helping each other finish a project.

12. Bingeing on Netflix shows together.

binge watching netflix

13.Talking about where your relationship stands.

14. Sending each other ugly faces on Snapchat.

15. Being fine with him seeing you without makeup and your hair done.

no makeup

16. Having your parents like him.

17. Calling each other just to tell him something funny that happened to you.

18. Being 100% yourself around him.


[Couple photo via Shutterstock]


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