40 Reasons You Should Eat Pizza Today

Friends are grand, but you know what really gets you? Pizza. Drunk or sober, morning or night, hot or cold, pizza might be the most reliable thing in a girl’s life. It gets a bad reputation for being “unhealthy,” but besides not actually being any worse than that bag of Doritos you opt for instead, the comforting qualities of the ‘za are worth a few extra pounds. We know you don’t need a new reason, but we’ve got 40 reasons to put down that salad fork and barehand a slice today; you’ll never be mad that you did.

1. Studies have found that eating pizza a couple times a week can lessen your chances of developing cancer of the esophagus, throat cancer, and colon cancer.

2. It doesn’t hurt your wallet the way a “healthy” meal does.

3. Drunk eating pizza lessens your chances of a nasty hangover.

4. You’ll make all your friends jealous when you bite into that cheesy goodness and they’re on a juice cleanse.

5. What other food has its own nail polish?

jennifer lawrence loves pizza

6. A slice contains about 15 grams of protein to give you energy and build muscle.

7. You’ll never be left unsatisfied by pizza.

8. It’s as saucy as you are.

9. Pizza can even make vegetables enjoyable.

10. You’ll be flooded with wonderful memories of pizza day in your middle school cafeteria.


11. It doesn’t judge you for taking too many shots…

12. …Or taking too many selfies…

13. …Or eating it twice in the same day.

14. You can top it off however you want.

15. There’s a chance the delivery guy is really attractive.

pizza snow white

16. Bringing pizza to the party makes you a hero instantly.

17. It’s like sex…even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good…

18. …And there’s zero percent chance of getting an STD from pizza.

19. …And the only baby to worry about is a food baby.

20. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant compound that helps prevent heart disease and illnesses.

pizza home alone

21. You can even have it wrapped in bacon.

22. Calories don’t even count when you’re having pizza.

23. You can take it on the go.

24. Your roommates will forgive you for not cleaning the bathroom when you leave a note saying, “Pizza in the fridge, help yourself!”

25. It’s cheesy in all the right ways.


26. It doesn’t make noise when you eat it like chips, so you don’t have to pause your Netflix binge.

27. When people ask what you did last night, you can say, “I ordered pizza” instead of “Nothing.”

28. …And their reaction will be pure jealousy.

29. It’s always waiting for you in the freezer.

30. Deep dish pizza is loaded with antioxidants.

pizza keira knightly

31. Get a pie, and you won’t have to cook for the next three days.

32. Even if you’re the worst cook in the world, you can’t mess up a homemade pizza.

33. NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and pizza will be the first food made (duh).

34. Who doesn’t love a pizza party?

35. There are no awkward silences with pizza.

ian somerhalder pizza

36. Physicists are using pizza tossing to design motors thinner than a human hair for brain surgery.

37. Vegetarians and meat lovers all agree that pizza is phenomenal.

38. You need an excuse to try that new place you always pass by. Here it is.

39. Proven fact: More people will show up to your event if you promise there will be pizza.

40. The best reason: you don’t need a reason.


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