Dreams Come True: An Actual Human Ate Only Pizza For A Week And Lost 5 Pounds

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I often curse how everything good in this world makes me gain weight. Ice cream, french fries, alcohol, and of course – the motherload – pizza. This college student staple has a bad rep for being a massive contributor to the Freshman 15, but one woman tried a “pizza cleanse” for a week…and actually lost weight.
Everything is right with the world.
Yes, Delish writer Charlotte Palermino had the enviable task of eating only pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between for seven days. For the most part she kept her regular routine and exercised a normal amount, simply making her meals more carb-y and cheesy.
She set these rules for her “cleanse” to ensure this was legit pizza, not just some veggies on a surface that wasn’t worthy of that title:
– There must be crust, and no cauliflower/hummus stuff. I’m talking dough that my non-celiac stomach can handle.
– There must be cheese or topping.
– There must be some sort of sauce (olive oil counts).
– If I start to develop scurvy, I’m allowed to sprinkle kale or whatever on it.
– No supplementary foods or alcohol (I’m cleansing, OK?).
– Coffee is allowed because the last time I didn’t drink coffee, I got into a heated fight with someone on the subway.

Palermino downed 6 to 12 slices of the best pizza in New York City per day all week long. And she lost 5 pounds. FIVE FREAKIN’ POUNDS FROM PIZZA.
She writes, “I slimmed down not because pizza is some undiscovered super food, but because I was actually consuming fewer calories. Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, told me that part (or all) of my weight loss was probably due to cutting out wine and sugar.”
So there you have it. Cut out alcohol and you can eat all the pizza you want. It’s a rough trade off, but for endless amounts of ‘za, it’s probably worth it.
Check out Palermino’s documenting of her pizza-venture below, and you might just go on a “diet” too.

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