55 Free Or Super Cheap Date Ideas For College Couples On A Budget

Dates can get expensive fast. A nice dinner out with a glass of wine? Probably at least $50. Concert tickets might be affordable until you count in the parking and late night snack. Even movies will set you back a few hours at your minimum wage weekend job. If you’re balling on a budget but still want to spend time with bae, we’ve got 50 unique date ideas that won’t hurt your wallet. Besides, as long as you have an excuse to hang out together, it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing.

1. Stargazing

2. Build a grown-up blanket fort

3. Window shopping

4. Arcade

5. Running

successful interaction with a man

6. Baking and decorating cookies

7. Batting cages

8. Flea market exploring

9. Hiking

10. Semi-pro sports game

painting couple

11. Kayaking

12. Visit a pet store

13. Attempt to break a Guinness World Record

14. Make a funny YouTube video

15. Feed ducks at the lake

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16. Bike ride

17. Go for a walk on the beach

18. Brewery tour

19. Game night

20. Outdoor concert


21. Set up a pick up game of volleyball

22. Play strip Cards Against Humanity

23. Picnic

24. Kite flying

25. Run through sprinklers

raccoon sprinklers

26. Learn magic tricks

27. Yoga class

28. Wine tasting

29. Color

30. Go people watching in a public spot

new girl judging you

31. Crash a hotel pool

32. Make smoothies or milkshakes

33. Volunteer on campus or at a local animal shelter

34. Visit a museum

35. Set up a scavenger hunt for each other

seth and summer

36. Rent a canoe or paddleboard

37. Tennis

38. Explore a place that’s supposed to be haunted

39. Ice skating

40. Take cheesy pictures with all the famous spots on your campus

i like your laugh

41. Check out a local comedy club

42. Mini-golf

43. Fishing

44. Set out on a mission to find the best pizza slice in town

45. Go to a place on campus neither of you have been before and see what happens

high school musical

46. Racetrack

47. Cook dinner together

48. Netflix marathon

49. Clean out your closet together (complete with fashion show)

50. Take funny photos in a photo booth

photo booth couple

51. Try to make your favorite Starbucks drink yourself

52. Challenge each other to a video game tournament

53. Visit your old high school

54. Watch old home videos

55. Find a scenic spot and watch the sun set


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