The Ultimate Alphabet Dating List for College Students

Have you heard of alphabet dating? Search #alphabetdating on Instagram and you’ll see the dating trend that couples everywhere are trying. The idea is to make a list of 26 date ideas each starting with a different letter. Every two weeks for a year, you and your boy cross one off. Not only does it help you try new things, but you’ll never have another one of these conversations:
“What do you feel like doing?
“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”

Making the list is fun in itself – you can get really creative and add places or activities you’ve always wanted to try. Or just use an idea from our list here! Either way, get ready for the best year of dating ever.

A – Arcade, Aquarium, Afternoon Tea

B – Baking, Batting Cages, Brewery Tour

C – Comedy Club, Cooking Class, Coffee

D – Drive-In Movie, Dancing, Dinner at a New Restaurant

E – Explore a New City, Eight Ball, Early Bird Dinner

F – Football Game, Fair, Fishing

G – Game Night, Gun Range, Go Karts

H – Hiking, Happy Hour, Horseback Riding

I – Ice Skating, Ice Cream Outing, Indoor Skydiving

J – Jet Skiing, Jazz Club, Jogging

K – Karaoke, Kite Flying, Kayaking

L – Lunch Date, Lazy Afternoon, Lingerie Shopping

M – Museum, Mini-Golf, Massages

N – Netflix Binge Night, NFL Game, Night Out

O – Opera, Outdoor Concert, Ocean

P – Picnic, Piano Bar, Pizza Party

Q – 21 Questions, Quadruple Date With Friends, Quesadillas

R – Rock Climbing, Roller Coasters, Road Trip

S – Stargazing, Surfing, Sunrise/Sunset

T – Theater, Tailgate, Tennis

U – “UP!” Movie Night, Under the Covers, Underwater Activities

V – Volunteer, Vacation, Volleyball

W – Wine Tasting, Workout, Walking Tour

X – “X” Marks the Spot Scavenger Hunt, X-Box Tournament, X-Rated

Y – Yard Sale, Yoga Class, Make a YouTube Video

Z – Zoo, Zipline, Zombie Movie Marathon

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