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Double The Fun: 22 Double Date Ideas To Change Up Your Night Out

double date ideas


In many cases, the phrase “the more, the merrier” rings true. After all, who wants to throw a party where only three people show? Dating is usually not one of those instances where tons of people is a great thing…except when it comes to double dates.

It’s not that you’re sick of your boyfriend, it’s just that adding a few faces to your date night could be a new kind of fun. Double dates are different than just hanging out with friends – in some ways, it feels like you and your man are dating them. Sure, you probably won’t wake up next to them the next morning, but it’s exciting to court and find your perfect group date match.

Extra bonus: you’ll automatically have not one, but two people you can bug to help you add to your Instagram pics.

At a loss for ideas? Here are 22 double date ideas to get you started.


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