15 Things You Don't Want To Hear During Finals Week

Finals week is the worst no matter what. Running on little sleep while trying to cram all the things you should have been taking notes on all semester into your brain isn’t just stressful, it’s soul-crushing. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control, you hear one of these phrases and know it’s all over.

1. “The exam will be cumulative.”

2. “There’s a Girls marathon on.”

3. “The internet is down.”

crying under desk

4. “I forgot to bring your Starbucks.”

5. “The final will be at 8 am.”

6. “You need to ace the final to pass the class.”

worst week

7. “There are literally no empty seats in the library.”

8. “I think you overdid it on the Adderall.”

9. “Can I borrow your study guide?”my brain is crying

10. “You smell like you haven’t showered all week.”

11. “The dining hall is literally running out of food.”

12. “It’s going to be sunny and 75 all week.”

why gif

13. “Happy birthday!”

14. “You can sell back that textbook for $3.”

15. “You don’t have enough credits to graduate.”

pass out

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