15 "I Can't" Moments During Finals Week

finals week problems
The end of the semester should be full of parties, but while the rest of the world is celebrating the holidays, college students are stuck in the library trying not to completely lose their sanity. There will be moments during finals week where you will want to give up, let your inner white girl out, and scream “I literally can’t even.”
You’re not alone.
Just remember during these inevitable bumps in the road that the end is in sight.

1. When your professor emails the class to announce the exam is cumulative:

ryan gosling can't

2. When the dining hall has literally no decent food left:

molly ringwald can't

3. When you return your textbooks and get $20 total back:

michelle tanner can't

4. When Mean Girls┬áis on, but you can’t watch it (for the billionth time) because you have a final you haven’t started studying for tomorrow morning:

community cant

5. When you change the size of the periods to 14 pt and your paper still isn’t long enough:one direction can't

6. When you realize you’ve spent close to $50 on Starbucks in four days:


7. When you can’t find an open table at the library:


8. When your professor tries telling a joke before giving out the exam:

amy poehler can't

9. When the school store is sold out of Red Bull and Monster:

britney spears can't

10. When your roommate is heading home and you still have three more tests and a paper due:

the office can't

11. When your social media feeds are full of people complaining about studying:

lost can't


12. When you calculate the lowest grade you can get on the final and still pass the class and realizing you have to do really well:

mean girls can't

13. When you hear how fun last night’s party (that you missed due to a four-hour group project meeting) was:

big bang can't


14. When that cute guy from class you’ve been eyeing all semester actually talks to you as you leave the exam:

kathy griffin really

15. When you realize your reward for finishing the semester is going home with your family:

glee can't
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