ICYMI: Instagram Bans Eggplant Emoji Because It's Offensive…Apparently

Emojis are great for a variety of reasons. Whenever you don’t know what to say, an emoji is always there to help you out. It’s like a virtual BFF. But none are there for you more so than the eggplant. Apparently people have not just been using it for #FoodPorn. Don’t lie; we’re all guilty of sendingĀ it as a penis.
Flirting with your new boy toy? Eggplant emoji. Sending a sexy text to your boyfriend? Eggplant emoji. Making eggplant parm? Eggplant emoji. (Okay, the latter isn’t very common, but it has to happen, right)?
Regardless of the reason, Instagram decided to take it away from us. Is it just me, or has Instagram been running a tight ship lately? Pretty soon they’re going to be banning yoga pants, bikinis, and everything else that’s great in the world. Whatever happened to the First Amendment? Oh well, I won’t get political. At least we can still use it everywhere else.
Yes, this is a thing. No, I didn’t make it up. Although I wish I had.

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