22 Perks Of Being A Frat Groupie

Bands have groupies, and so do fraternities. They’re basically just girls who highly favor a particular house to the point where they know all the brothers, get invited to their parties, and don’t care to hang out anywhere else. Maybe you hooked up with a guy there freshman year and it’s been true groupie love ever since, or maybe all your friends decided to join that organization. Either way, you’re probably going to get hate from the casual party-goers for going behind the bar and having a designated place to stash your coat. They’re simply jealous of the perks of being a frat groupie.

1. You walk into the party and feel like a celebrity because you know everyone and they know you.

2.You can usually get a ride so you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes during the walk.

3. Never have to worry about where to put your coat during a party because you know everyone who lives in the house.

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4. No waiting in line for the keg.

5. No waiting in line to get in either.

6. While everyone is waiting in line for the bathroom, you are allowed to use the upstairs one.

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7. First to arrive, last to leave.

8. You’re bound to know someone in practically every one of your classes.

9. You get to play matchmaker with their new guys and your sorority’s new girls.

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10. You know where they hide the good alcohol.

11. You can sneak behind the DJ booth when the party is getting too crowded and force them to play throwbacks all night.

12. There’s a 95% chance you’ll be getting an invite to their date parties and formals.


13. You can get their Wi-Fi password and have internet throughout social gatherings.

14. You have an instant group of friends with the other groupies.

15. If you’re too tired to get home, no one cares if you crash there for the night. You even have a designated couch.

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16. You get first notice of when their day drinks and holiday parties are so you can plan your study schedule around them.

17. You get all their extra event shirts.

18. You get to participate in their rush events.


19. They ask your opinion on potential new members.

20. Guys know not to mess with you, or they’ll feel the wrath of about 100 bros.

21. You get to suggest/enforce party themes.

22. All your friends know if they have a party, you’re in for a great night.

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