7 Guys You'll Meet At A Frat Party

1. The Frat Daddy

“What sorority are you in?”
The frat daddy is the guy we know all too well who enforces his brotherly authority by INSISTING on knowing your sorority at the door of his party or kicking back on a mound of beer cases at a daylong. Usually rocking a basketball jersey by day and a pastel button up by night, the frat daddy is often found roaming his frat castle double fisting a cheap plastic bottle of vodka in one hand and a stack of Natty Lights in the other. He practically lives and breathes for his fraternity and isn’t ashamed to show off his letters as he stumbles in, probably still a little drunk, late for class. We all make fun of him at one point or another for his arrogant and downright fratty ways, but let’s face it- we love to hate ‘im and hate to love ‘im.

2. The Lost GDI

“Where am I?”
Ah, you’ve finally made it to Friday night and are on your way to that frat party you’ve been looking forward to all week. As you stumble up the walkway towards the house squad deep with your girls, a dinky little dude rolls up to you and asks, “Excuse me, is this Alpha Delta Gamma Psi Beta? Can I come in with you girls?” Alpha wha? It’s apparent that this kid has no idea where he is or what is going on. Perhaps he heard about the party through a long string of friends, but it’s clear that he doesn’t know a single brother in the house…or in any frat house for that matter. Obviously, he’s nothing but a lost GDI looking for that perfect girl-to-guy ratio to grant him his golden ticket into the party. You always kind of wish you could help him out, but it’s every man for himself out here in frat land. Better luck next time, buddy.

3. The Desperate Creep

“Want to come back to my place later?”
Every time you’re out breaking it down with your ladies on the dance floor, there’s always that one guy who sneaks up behind you and tries to dance all up on your business. And every time, you think, Excuse me, I don’t think so, and attempt to make a sly get away before he comes back for more. When he’s realized you’re not interested in making out on the dance floor, he waits until you hit the bar for another drink to prey on you yet again. Relentless psychopath. He asks you questions like, “What’s your major?” and “Can I get your number?” The answer is NO! Please please please leave me alone, you think to yourself. Be warned, if you give him your number, there is absolutely no escape from the desperate creep. Your inbox will be full for weeks.

4. The Guy with a Girlfriend

“Sorry, I can’t. I have a girlfriend.”
There are two types of guys with girlfriends that you meet at frat parties. The first kind is the guy you notice at every party and can’t help but think he is totally cute. All of your girlfriends know you have the hots for him and eventually the word gets out that you’re very interested. After mustering up the will to approach him and exchange a few words with the fella, he stops you to let you know that he’s sorry, but he has a girlfriend. Rats! Talk about a true shame. The second kind of girlfriend guy is the kind who constantly feels the need to let the entire world know that he has a girlfriend. He’s the kind of guy who you could be asking to pour you a drink at the bar and he’ll say, “No, I can’t, I have a girlfriend.” Ok? Sick, dude. I just wanted a drink, but thanks for the info.

5. The Blackout Boy

“I can out drink all you b*tches!”
The blackout boy is the guy who has just totally out-drank everyone around him. His eyelids are halfway shut and his words are pretty slurred, but he never lets his physical impairments bring him down. He’s regularly riled up and throws himself all over the dance floor like a drunken uncle at a wedding. Everyone around him laughs, but somewhere deep inside everyone is also extremely terrified of what they’re seeing. He screams every song that plays at the top of his lungs, and he always suggests doing something particularly reckless later on in the night. However, before he can even make a valiant effort to do so, he passes out amongst the dirty frat juice on the wooden floor. Night night, blackout boy.

6. The Nice Guy

“Oh my gosh hi how are you?!”
The nice guy is the guy who doesn’t approach you unless you approach him, but is definitely one Chatty Cathy once you get to know each other. When you see him out, he comes right up to you and gives you the friendliest hello you’ve possibly ever had. Sometimes, it’s even followed by a hug. You’ve never felt so beloved by an acquaintance in your whole life and it doesn’t even feel creepy to you because you know he is just genuinely nice. You often question if he’s just trying to impress you so that he can eventually get with you, but you just don’t see him in that way. He’s just too nice!  His type is rare, especially at the party scene, but if you come across one keep him around. You never know if he might be husband material.

7. The Friend From Home

“I don’t even go here”
The friend from home is that guy who you can totally tell is visiting from somewhere else. He’s confused by the social scene at your school and possibly feels overwhelmed by the change in party dynamic. As his friends are all shotgunning on an elevated surface, he’s standing there struggling to keep up. After you introduce yourself, the first thing he’s sure to tell you is that he doesn’t go here. Even still, you don’t care, you just want to show this kid a great time.

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