Are Luna Lovegood & James Potter From 'Harry Potter' Dating In Real Life?

What do you get when you have a bunch of teenagers in a room together? Sparks flying. And the set of the Harry Potter movies appears to be no different than a high school classroom in that respect. We could probably dig up lots of fan fiction of romances between Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, but here’s an unlikely match – the actors who portrayed Luna Lovegood and James Potter (as a teen) seem to be an item!
In Harry Potter’s world, Luna Lovegood and James Potter never crossed paths. James, Harry’s father, was killed when Harry was a baby, and James was obviously older than her. However, when you need to bring in a younger actor for flashbacks, anything can happen.
No word on if this romance has been since HP filming, but Evanna Lynch, 23, and Robbie Jarvis, 29, definitely appear to be dating. For over a year they have been sharing their adorableness across Instagram, doing everything from hiking to wearing owl hats on their heads (good to know that they haven’t totally put Hogwarts behind them). And they even post cute pics of each other being cute. It’s so cute. Gah. Take a look at their photos below.

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