The 10 Commandments For The Perfect Red Lip

Red lipstick is an enduring classic, a beauty staple that will, in the words of Taylor Swift, never go out of style. It’s always bold, it’s always ladylike and it looks good on everyone.
But when it come to applying red lipstick, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. Stick to the former – and these ten commandments – and you can certainly achieve that perfectly painting red a la T. Swift.

1. Thou shalt not be afraid

Rock that red lipstick with pride! Nothing will ruin a look like you feeling uncomfortable in it.

2. Thou shalt think about undertones.

Figure out what color undertones your skin has and then find a lipstick that has similar undertones for a flattering look.

3. Thou shalt try on plenty of shades before settling.

Try on tons of reds before purchasing – you’ll be amazed at how much variance you’ll find.

4. Thou shalt exfoliate.

Flaky lips never look good and red lipstick will only make it worse. Be sure to exfoliate to get those smooth lips before applying.

5. Thou shalt prime.

Apply a lipstick primer to keep your color from smudging over your face or fading.

6. Thou shalt line.

A lipliner isn’t 100% necessary but if you want that very defined, perfect pout, it will definitely help.

7. Thou shalt do a smile check.

Make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth, girl!

8. Thou shalt consider finish.

A shiny shade will make a small pout look fuller; a matte shade looks more precise and elegant.

9. Thou shalt keep everything else neutral.

Save the bold blush and smokey eyes for another day.

10. Thou shalt do frequent touch ups.

Carry your color with you and reapply as needed.
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