What Is Heartbreaker Justin Bobby From 'The Hills' Up To These Days?

The Hills gave us tons of crazy characters, but there was only one Justin Bobby, “a man so great he needed two names.” Even though he was a total d*ck to girlfriend Audrina Patridge, we forgave him time and time again (much like Audrina) because he was hot (again, much like Audrina). Justin Bobby Brescia had man bun-worthy hair years before that was even a term and for good reason – before Audrina and The Hills came along, he was a hairdresser. In an interview with Us Weekly, Justin Bobby reveals he got involved with the MTV show simply by chance. While on a hair job, he met the “cute and bubbly” receptionist Audrina at Los Angeles’ Quixote Studios.
He became a love interest for Audrina and the show’s producers offered a Justin Bobby a salary that was triple what he was making cutting hair, and although he was hesitant to get involved, we all know he agreed (who wouldn’t?). Like many former cast members, he admitted that the show had some elements that were real, but it was mostly half-scripted nonsense.
“It wasn’t for me,” he said of The Hills. “It was hard to get me to shoot after a while because it was repetition and there wasn’t anything artistically happening and I wasn’t growing. So I said, ‘If you guys get some real writers in on this, I’d be all about it and we could build characters,’ but it never went to that.”
Since the “reality” show wrapped, he’s gone back to his roots…pun intended. He has three hair salons in New York City, Manhattan Beach, California, and Nicaragua as well as a line of products called Brush Your Hair. So if you’re in NYC, you can stop by Justin Bobby’s loft and he can give you a brand new look. “My passion is cutting,” he said. “I love to cut one-on-one, no big salon atmosphere. I’m all about kitchen cuts, but structurally done.”
While he’s all about hair by day, by night he’s a rock star…which is more where we pictured him. His band is called Bobby Rock and is comprised of him and drummer Dave Dariani. You might be able to catch the group playing local shows in New Jersey, or perhaps you vaguely recognized the former reality star at Austin, Texas’ SXSW festival.
Haircut and a rock show? Sounds like a good day to us.

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