RIP Panama City Beach – Spring Break Destination Bans Alcohol

Congrats, guys and gals. You did the impossible. You turned a spring break mecca into a prohibition area. You literally partied so hard in past spring breaks that you got alcohol banned from the beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida during March 2016.
Apparently, some locals weren’t happy with the half naked college coeds taking over their beaches during spring break season, you know, being typical kids and enjoying a few gallons of beer (per day) in tropical print shirts. After years of discussion and whining by these people who are vehemently anti-fun, the Panama City Beach City Council unanimously approved a motion Tuesday night to ban alcohol consumption on the beaches during the peak of the college spring break season.
Call me crazy, but if you don’t want your town invaded by college kids for a few weeks a year, you probably shouldn’t be living in a town that’s literally synonymous with college spring break.
I know you’re all mourning, but it could be worse. Luckily, they did give all you hooligans plenty of time to book next year’s spring break elsewhere. Pack those tropical print shirts, coolers, and flags to one of these spring break destinations instead.
PS: PCB…jokes on you. You can kiss your tourism money goodbye.


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