10 Things We'll Miss Most About 'The Mindy Project'

We were so sad to learn that Fox decided to cancel The Mindy Project – like, WTF? – and while we continue to hold out hope that Hulu will renew the amazing show, we’re preparing ourselves for the worst. The only thing about The Mindy Project is that it’s just as good the second or third time around, which means we’ll always have reruns to fall back on if we don’t get anything new. On the other hand, there are so many things we’ll miss about this hilarious little gem of a show, including but not limited to the following…

10. Morgan:

9. Mindy’s fashion.

It’s ridiculous but it’s just so….Mindy. Especially….

8. Mindy’s epic Chanel purse collection.

Gurl lives the good life.

7. Tamra.

6. The amazing roster of guest stars.

I can’t even pick a favorite. Okay, fine. It’s James Franco.

5. Mindy’s voracious appetite.

4. The romantic mishaps.

Because they’re always so much more hilarious and real than the mishaps on other shows.

3. The GIFs

2. Danny Castellano

Like everything else on this show, he’s a little screwed up but also totally our dream guy.

1. How relatable Mindy is.

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