Penn Badgley Admits That The 'Gossip Girl' Finale Made Zero Sense

Lonely Boy, I mean Dan Humphrey, sorry, sorry – Penn Badgley was the star of one of our favorite shows ever, but even he admits that the ending of Gossip Girl was a bit of a let down. Three years after the show’s finale, Penn has gone on record to state that the ending made absolutely no sense. For those of you still catching up with the series on Netflix — spoiler alert — the show ended with the reveal that Dan had been the mysterious blogger Gossip Girl all along. But um, a few questions – what kind of asshole terrorizes his little sister like that? And then why would Serena want to marry someone who made her life hell? And if Dan was Gossip Girl, why was he constantly torturing himself?

dan gossip girl

Anyway, at an event in New York City on Wednesday, People asked Penn to please explain how any of it adds up…and he didn’t even try. “It doesn’t make sense at all,” he replied. “It wouldn’t have made sense for anybody. Gossip Girl doesn’t make sense!”  True, Penn, true. However, we still effing love it, even more so now that we know we’re not the only ones who realized our suspension of disbelief had a limit.

Penn then walked back his comments a little bit and noted that Dan as Gossip Girl made “enough sense” because Dan was a writer, which is about the only thing that would point to Dan as GG. However, I understand that he wants to protect the legacy of one of the greatest teen dramedies ever created and I support that mission. XOXO.

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