Leighton Meester Is Expecting Her First Child With Adam Brody!

Your two favorite teen drama stars are making dreams come true. According to Perez Hilton, Leighton Meester (better known as Blair Waldorf) and husband Adam Brody (who will always be Seth Cohen to us) are expecting!
Perez reports that Leighton was spotted showing off her growing baby bump on a lunch outing with her husband on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles! There’s no hiding that bump – she must be pretty far along.
Pregnant Leighton Meester
It’s no shocker that the duo waited until she was showing to make an announcement – they’ve always been hush hush about their personal lives. Exhibit A: their super secret wedding.
The rumors of a pregnancy began swirling back in October 2014 when Leighton appeared on the cover of Nylon magazine and discussed her dreams of having children.
Too bad Blair Leighton and Serena Blake Lively reportedly don’t get along off screen – their babies will be pretty close in age! Blake and her husband Ryan Reynolds welcomed their daughter James in December. Guess we can rule out the names Serena, Summer, Marissa, Ryan, Nate, and Chuck for the little one.
We can’t wait to meet #BabyBrody!

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