Kate Spade’s New Collection Will End Your iPhone's Dead Battery Troubles

Kate Spade is a genius. Not only does the brand create effing adorable purses in bright colors that make you happy just looking at them, but they are aware of the ever-persistent problem of having your iPhone’s battery drop dead at the worst possible moment. No more need to beg the bartender to plug your phone in because Kate Spade is teaming up with Everpurse, a Chicago-based maker of technology that embeds smartphone-charging capability in handbags. Come September, the New York-based fashion brand will release four enviable handbags with Everpurse-powered charging pockets so you can check Instagram every second of every day. Rejoice!
How is this possible? The bags will be need to be charged on a mat which sends energy wirelessly into a battery inside, so no plugging your purse into the wall. They will have the ability to charge iPhones including all models from iPhone 5 through the iPhone 6 Plus. A fully charged Kate Spade Everpurse should last a typical iPhone user for two days, said Everpurse co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dan Salcedo. Perfect for a weekend getaway!
It seems like a must-have, but the bags don’t exactly come cheap. They will cost between $198 and $698, so pick up those extra babysitting hours…these are actually pretty affordable compared to similar models, especially for a designer brand.
kate spade everpurse kate spade everpurse

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