10 Reasons We're Excited To Watch 'Scream Queens'

What do you get when you combine sorority hazing, Chanel-clad mean girls, creepy villains, hot guys, every celebrity ever, and cold-blooded murder? You get Scream Queens, the upcoming new show from the unbelievably creative mind of Ryan Murphy, the guy behind Glee and American Horror Story. We basically can’t wait for this show to premiere – in today’s age of cheesy reality shows and soapy teen dramas, it’s nice to see a show that looks like it will pay homage to horror movies of the past. Check out the official trailer here.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FtenR69qmk&w=640&h=360]
There are so many reasons we’re looking forward to the fall premiere of this show and these are just ten of them.

1. Emma Roberts plays an ice queen.

She plays the popular mean girl in this show and if the promos are any indication, she does it well.

2. It focuses on college, not high school.

There are so many shows and so few about campus.

3. Nick Jonas.


4. Diego Boneta.

Also hot.

5. Arianna Grande plays a character, which means she might not wear her hair in a high ponytail.

And that alone is worth tuning in to see.

6. Ryan Murphy always delivers.

Sometimes his shows are a hot mess but they are never, ever, ever boring.

7. It’s the perfect mix of horror and comedy.

It’s going to get funny. Of this we are sure.

8. Lea Michele plays another underdog.

This time she’s an awkward girl in a neck brace.

9. It will definitely get people talking.

Because Ryan Murphy’s stuff always does.

10. It’s going to fill the void left when Glee got cancelled.


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