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14 Weird Things That Happen When You Move Out [As Told By Gifs]


14 Weird Things That Happen When You Move Out

You finally got that real-world job, packed up and left for college, or your parents just got tired of your crap. Regardless, you’re moving out. Now it’s time for a reality check and to learn how this sudden catapult into adulthood can be super weird (but also awesome).

1. The house you grew up in is now your “parents house.”

Wait, what? O_o


2. You have to pay for laundry.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has laundry in their apartment, the laundromat will become your best friend.


3. Grocery shopping becomes the worst chore ever. Especially on Sunday.

Toilet paper is how much?!


4. Moving is the second worst.

But only because you have to do it once. That is, until your lease is up again.


5. You can have second, third, and even fourth helpings of dinner. Because why not?

Just remember, you’ll have to go to the grocery store more often.


6. Making a budget is a must.

Anddd I have exactly seventy-three cents to spend this month.


7. You’re an awkward version of a child trapped in an adult’s body.

If you think watching reruns of Spongebob is for 4th graders, you’d be both right and sorely mistaken at the same time. It’s also for early 20-something’s having an identity crisis. Same goes for naps. We may have fought them when we were younger, but now they are a necessity to getting through the week…or even the day.


8. You learn exactly how much your body can handle (or not handle).

Mostly in terms of alcohol, caffeine, and stress.


9. You make your own rules.

YOLO. Yes, saying that is still (somewhat) acceptable.


10. …but because you make your own rules, procrastination becomes a BIG problem.


11. You find yourself having excessive amounts of pride, but also think you’re still pretty lame.

I’ve gone from thinking I deserve a raise to having my face buried in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s second guessing life.


12. It’s perfectly acceptable to hang out naked all day.

Although if you have roommates, they may not appreciate this as much as you do.


13. You miss your parent’s hugs.

You may have found yourself fighting with your mom every day when you were 16, but as you grow up, you realize your parents are actually really cool. After all, they raised you.


14. It’s totally fine to brag to the world because you’re young and able to pay your own rent.

You may be struggling, but Instagram doesn’t need to show that.


Because let’s be honest, living on your own is pretty f*cking awesome.


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