10 Crazy Expensive Celebrity Graduation Speakers

Maybe this will help explain why tuition is so high.
If you are anything like me, you probably grew up thinking that people who were chosen to deliver commencement speeches did it out of the kindness of their heart. Well, yeah they do, but with a huge tab. Prominent figures like President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama do not necessarily charge schools to deliver commencement speeches, but the amount of money it cost for extra security and measures is close to $2 million.
Recently, the University of Houston paid Matthew McConaughey over $130,000 plus a private jet to deliver probably one of the most confusing 45 minute graduation speeches of all time. That’s right there, my friends, is a lot of money. Someone could pay almost close to four years of undergraduate with that amount of money. Mcconaughey claims that he will donate the money to his charity or in other words, back into his pocket. But I mean come on, that’s still way too much money for someone who literally is just going to throw some wise quotes at you and tell you about how “life begins now” and how you are “future.” Check out these other prominent figures who were paid top dollars just to deliver a speech. I suggest you sit down for this.

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