12 Ways Your Weekends Dramatically Change After College

In college, Friday meant heading out to the club, Saturday equaled day drinking, and Sundays were filled with chants of “Sunday Funday” around a keg. You’ll quickly realize that things are a bit different after graduation. Instead of two full days of partying, you can’t wait to sleep in and go grocery shopping. Yeah, growing up sucks.

1. In college: The start of your weekend was Thursday around the minute you got out of class for the day.

In the real world: Anyone who has tried to go out on a Thursday like old times before showing up at the office on Friday morning knows the struggle is not worth it.

the office

2. In college: Your ideal Friday night used to mean getting dolled up, a pregame starting around 6:30 pm, and staying at the bar until closing time.

In the real world: All you want to do is come home from work, put on sweatpants, turn on Netflix, and get to bed before midnight.


3. In college: Words like “packed,” “crazy,” and “line out the door” used to mean a particular club was the place to be.

In the real world: These words have a negative effect and result in choosing another place to go.

crowded club snooki

4. In college: Not having plans for a Saturday night used to induce panic attacks (or at least last minute “What are you up to tonight?” texts).

In the real world: Staying in is a welcomed treat.

anna kendrick staying in

5. In college: You talked about guys and complained about a paper you have to write.

In the real world: Your topics of conversations with friends are things you swore you would never speak about, including who is getting married and car leases.

what are you talking about

6. In college: Grocery shopping, heading to the bank, doing laundry, and getting other errands done were pure torture.

In the real world: Crossing things off your to-do list feels productive and rewarding.


7. In college: Shots were a nightly occurrence. If you’re going out, you’re taking shots. A lot of them. Duh.

In the real world: It takes a lot of convincing to get you to down one shot that isn’t even Burnett’s, Majorska, or some other dirt cheap vodka.

body shots glee8. In college: Day drinking meant raging hard from the hour you woke up until it was time to go out at night. Then it just turns into regular drinking.

In the real world: Day drinking is defined as having a few mimosas during brunch, then heading home. You’ll probably be asleep before 10 pm.

day drinking

9. In college: You probably hooked up with a rando or two. Per night.

In the real world: Sloppily making out at the bar is heavily frowned upon, and you can’t just go back to your mutual dorm…so you usually go home alone.

making out gif

10. In college: Your friends would burst into your room, announced Jack’s house was having a party, and you’d all be ready to go within half an hour.

In the real world: Plans are made weeks in advance. Spontaneous outings cause anxiety.


11. In college: You rarely wake up before noon.

In the real world: You realize that people actually get up to do things. Hell, you are one of those people!

emma stone sleep is great

12. In college: Hangovers are slightly annoying headaches and dry mouth feeling you have when you first wake up, but are cured with a bagel and some coffee.

In the real world: Hangovers last approximately three days no matter what you do.


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