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Lauren Conrad Is Taking “Skinny” Out Of Her Vocabulary


lauren conrad

Oh, Lauren Conrad. Who knew back in her Laguna Beach days that she would be still using her power for good so many years later? The Cali girl was essentially handed fame during high school, but somehow, she’s managed to keep a level head through all the drama and become a generally awesome person. Conrad’s latest update on her website makes us want to give her a huge hug. She announced via her blog about the major change coming in June, where the theme for her website is ‘Shape Up.’

“When we’ve talked about getting in shape in the past, words like ‘skinny,’ ‘slim,’ and ‘thin’ have often come up,” wrote Conrad. “Starting this month, we’ll be banning any body shaming terms from the site, and replacing them with words like ‘fit,’ ‘toned,’ and ‘healthy’… The word skinny will now be reserved for skinny jeans … the focus is on being fit as opposed to a number on the scale. Every body is created differently — and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.”

Conrad further explained by stating that her website will still focus on giving fitness tips and continue the “bikini boot camp” series, but adds that it’s about getting fit and feeling good, not dropping pounds on the scale. Preach, girl.

A lot of girls are guilty of associating success to dropping a pants size or seeing a certain number on the scale – I know I am. But hey, everyone is different. I’m 5′ 10″…I’m never going to be a size 2 no matter how often I work out and that’s totally okay. Kudos to LC for realizing that skinny isn’t the only kind of sexy.

[Story via TIME]

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