Lance Bass Posted An Epic #TBT Of 'N Sync Hanging With The Spice Girls [Photo]

It’s time to face the facts: none of us will ever have a #ThrowbackThursday post that is as epic as Lance Bass’ from this week. The former ‘N Syncer blew celeb baby pictures out of the water with this shot of the boy band hanging out with the Spice Girls from back in ’96. It’s essentially everything that was right about the 90s in one photo. According to Bass, this was taken right before both groups exploded into super stardom and world domination.
Bass shared the shot, along with a caption, on his Facebook page, “#TBT to the day I met the #SpiceGirls in 1996. We had both just released our first singles (Wannabe/ I Want You Back) and no one in that airport knew who any of us were.”
nsync spice girls
Look at Chris Kirkpatrick’s bandana! Posh Spice with her signature scowl! What the heck is JC Chasez doing? Those were the days.
In less than 24 hours, the nostalgic photo racked up nearly 15,000 likes and 1,300 shares.

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