The Difference Between Venting & Sh*t-Talking

I don’t care what anyone says – there is a difference between venting and shit-talking (aka gossiping). Most girls would agree. Because even if they are often considered the same thing, they are very, very different. You see, shit-talking is something you do with malicious intent. You do it because you are judging someone, because you are insecure, or because you genuinely hate the person you are talking about (sometimes all three). Venting, on the other hand, is a little more innocent. Below is a further breakdown f the difference between talking sh*t about someone, and venting about them.


By definition is “airing something out, a means of escape or release, to express thoughts and feelings, sometimes¬†forcefully.” When you “vent” about something or someone to one of your friends, usually about another friend, it is because there is a specific reason that is making you upset. For example, that person has said or done something to upset you, often times something that another friend can relate to because they, too, have been on the receiving end of such behavior.
Sometimes, it is necessary to vent to a friend to keep your sanity. It can hep your friendships in the long run just by being able to “get something off your chest.” In essence, it is a coping mechanism. You are not trying to destroy the other person with your words, you are simply airing out your frustrations about them, or something they have recently done to you, to someone who has both your best interests at heart.


On the other hand, is usually about random things about a person that they essentially have no control over. Example: “Tina’s nose is way too f*cking big for her face.” Pointing that out, even if it is to a mutual friend (who may or may not have the same opinion), helps no one. It is malicious, and often shit talking stems from a place of jealousy and, well, cruelty. This is often closely associated with “gossiping,” especially when it is an act done about people you really don’t even know that well. Finally, shit talking is usually done to change or influence someone’s opinion about another person.
The truth of the matter is that, whether you like it or not, from time to time your friends are going to talk about you. They just will. It’s a part of life. When friends vent to one another, it does not mean they are talking shit about you; it just means that you are (spoiler alert!) not perfect, and every now and then, you are going to tick some people off, and they are going to want to discuss it with one another. But a general rule of thumb is that you should never “vent” about a friend to someone who doesn’t love them just as much as you do.


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