30 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Deciding Whether To Go Out Or Stay In

Sometimes, a date with the couch and a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream sounds way more appealing than heading out with the girls. Of course, every time you plan for a quiet night at home, one of your friends will inevitably text you with fun plans. So do you stick to your original plan or go for it? The decision changes, but the thought process is always the same.

1. I need a night off.

2. But don’t they always say you never remember the nights they stay in?

3. I’ll just watch an episode of House Hunters while I think about it.

4. Don’t pick House #2, you crazies! You’d have to renovate the bathrooms and the kitchen!

5. *Three episodes later*

6. I still don’t know what to do.

7. I’ll text Sarah and see what she’s doing.

8. “What’s up tonight?”

9. Why do they have to go to my favorite bar every time I feel like a night in?

10. I just really don’t want to put a bra on right now.

11. I’m not showering. You can’t make me.

12. Fine, I’m showering.

13. But not without a shower beer to put me in the mood.

14. I don’t even have anything to wear.

15. Do I really feel like wasting an outfit?

16. I do need a new profile picture.

17. Or at least a few Snapchats to prove that I hang out with people besides my dog.

18. If I do go out and it sucks, I can always order pizza.

19. And have a good excuse to stay in bed all day tomorrow.

20. Except I promised myself I’d go to the gym in the morning.

21. Why don’t I have a crystal ball to know whether or not it’s worth going out tonight?

22. Can people stop uploading their cool adventures to Instagram so I stop feeling bad about myself?

23. I could stay here and do that thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

24. Nah, we all know that is never going to happen.

25. Do I really have money to blow on cover and beer?

26. I’ll just stick to one or two beers.

27. What if Adam is there?

28. I should go.

29. Let’s do this.

30a. I should have just gone to bed early.

30b. tat was saoo fun@!

Going Out: Excuses To Party On A Weeknight