10 Things We Want To Know About Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera has been in the news quite a bit lately. First she was engaged to Big Sean, then she wasn’t. Then she was married to some guy we’ve never heard of, then she was allegedly feuding with Lea Michele. Then she called out Kim Kardashian for that infamous “Break The Internet” cover, which prompted Kim K bestie Jonathan Cheban to publicly shame her and call her a “Kim wannabe.” Oh, and she’s also having a baby now.
But the hot-as-hell actress’ most recent just might be our favorite: Naya is writing a memoir. The book will be called “Sorry, Not Sorry” (so much sass). We have ten burning questions for the actress and we hope they’re addressed in the memoir.

1. Does it annoy her that a computer autocorrects her name to “Maya Rivers?”

Because it happened to me like, three times when I was typing this article and it annoyed me.

2. How did she manage to make Santana Lopez such a major Glee character?

When Naya made her debut on the show, she had a bit part and was mostly there to sway behind Quinn. Once the show ended, Santana’s role was bigger and arguably more central than Quinn’s. I have a strong feeling that Naya made the writers sit up and take notice – and that she was instrumental in shaping Santana’s personality.

3. What was it like appearing on Smart Guy?

Also known as the most underrated Disney Channel show ever. Naya appeared on an episode playing one of three girls child genius T.J. was set to take to a school dance. Granted, she’s not nearly as famous for this role as she is for her stint on Glee, but it was pretty legendary even so.

4. How did things really go down with current husband Ryan Dorsey?

When we heard that Naya had secretly married someone we didn’t even know she was dating, we were a bit thrown. We would love to hear all about her relationship with her now-hubby Ryan.

5. How good of a kisser is Mark Salling?

As you may recall, their characters got pretty close during the first few seasons of Glee – and rumor has it that they dated IRL for a hot second. Emphasis on the word hot.

6. What do I have to eat to get a body like Naya’s?

Seriously, her body is a wonderland. What does she eat? Are carbs involved? Maybe some cookies?

7. What kind of workouts do I have to do to get that body?

Seriously, those ARMS! Are those the product of planks? Yoga? Weights? Good genes? I NEED TO KNOW, NAYA.

8. What was the vibe really like on the Glee set?

By some accounts, it was all rainbows and sunshine; by others, it was a super cliquey and dramatic environment. I want to hear all about it – especially the alleged feud that brewed between Naya and everyone’s favorite pint-sized, golden-throated diva (obvs Lea Michele).

9. What was it like when Jonathan Cheban accused Naya of being obsessed with Kim Kardashian?

Because how, tell me, how is JONATHAN CHEBAN going to accuse anyone of being obsessed with Kim?

10.  What’s her favorite memory of Cory Monteith?

He really seemed like such a lovely person and I would love to hear more about what the late actor was like with his friends.
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