Which University Might Ban Women From Frat Parties To Combat Sexual Assault?

Greek life at the University of Missouri is about to change big time. The university is considering banning women from entering frat houses at night, apparently in an attempt to prevent sexual assault.
The proposed rule, which is part of a document that leaked online last week, would prohibit female guests from entering fraternities on campus from the hours of 10 pm to 3 am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Other rules on the list include ending out-of-town formals, not allowing hard alcohol in frat houses, and subjecting Greek life members to mandatory drug tests.
The MU Fraternity Alumni Consortium, a group of fraternity alumni, suggested the changes which is part of the agenda for the invite-only Chancellor’s Summit on Sexual Assault & Student Safety in Fraternity Houses that is set to take place on the Mizzou campus later this month.
“These proposals have not been approved,” Mary Jo Banken, a university spokesperson, told Fusion. “The chancellor is listening to different people and different ideas. We want to hear from our students.”
As you probably guessed, students are NOT happy about the possible change to campus life.
“The goal is to address the safety of women students in fraternity houses, but the proposal was written by men who are not entrenched in daily campus, fraternity, and sorority life,” wrote the university’s Panhellenic council, which governs sororities, in a letter to Chancellor Loftin. “By restricting women from certain locations under the guise of ‘safety,’ this policy lends itself to the notion that women cannot make choices for themselves about their own safety.” Preach.
In addition, a Twitter account called @StopLoftin started with the intention of raising awareness about Mizzou Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin and his attendance at the summit. #OccupyTheSummit hashtag started to trend on MU campus.

Hey, MU – you say you want to hear from the students, yet you’re not allowing them to participate in this invite-only summit. Or will you decide to allow fraternity and sorority members to speak so you don’t look like complete jerks, but barely listen with an already made up mind?
Sexual assault happens on college campuses. The stats are disgusting and terrifying, finding up to 20 percent of women will experience attempted or completed rape during her time at college. However, banning women from fraternity houses is hardly the way to prevent things like this from happening. Like the letter from MU’s Panhellenic council so perfectly pointed out, these bans are suggesting “women cannot make choices for themselves about their own safety.”
Furthermore, Greeks once again become the target. Why should only fraternity and sorority members be subjected to these bans of alcohol and drug tests? There are plenty of Independent students who abuse drugs, binge drink, and commit sexual assault. Such a shame that a few negative incidences overblown by the media overshadow the good that Greek organizations do every day.

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